Mugdha Kalra is an Indian media professional and content strategist with experience of over two decades in broadcast journalism.

She has been named by the BBC as one of the top 100 most inspiring and influential women in the world for the year 2021, alongside the likes of Malala Yousafzai, philanthropist and businesswoman Melinda French Gates and acclaimed Nigerian author and feminist icon Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This recognition comes for her work as an autism activist and co-founder of the movement ‘Not That Different’.

Mugdha specializes in content strategy, social media curation, feature writing, fiction and screenplay writing, reporting & news presenting. Associated with leading Indian News organisations since 2000, she has been hosting a range of special programming on diverse subjects for the group channels of Network 18. She is also a documentary writer and some of her work can also be accessed on Netflix and Audible.

She is the Chief Content Officer at Bakstage | Flyx – a company that creates social engagement streaming platforms for brands. It also is an audio social networking platform that brings entrepreneurs, communities, content creators and like-minded people together. She mentors podcasters and creates collaborative content for the platform. Her conversations with celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs and individuals involved in activism can be heard on the platform.

At the core of her heart, remains Autism activism as she shares her journey and learnings from raising her son on the Autism spectrum. Not That Different has been designed as a children led movement for accepting and embracing neurodiversity- with a first of its kind comic book on autism.

She is also a corporate trainer & writer with Rainmaker on Diversity & Inclusion. Mugdha is also a certified Mindfulness Coach.