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Regiment Diaries is a show currently on air on Epic Channel and Netflix. It is a documentary show about the various regiments of Indian Army. A first show in history to get access to the Indian Army in such close proximity.

Regiment Diaries
(TV Series) – Writer (13 episodes, 2018- 6 episodes 2019- 3 episodes- 2021 )

Indian Army: Naam Namak Nishaan is an ode to the rich history of the regiments of the Indian Army, their legacy and achievements. These regiments were mostly established during the reign of the British East India Company. Some also came with their regional dynastical inheritance. They are all recognised by their distinct war cries, mottos and traditions and have fought valiantly on the battlefield for India.
Devi, The Feminine Divine is a collection of stories about the revered goddess in her different forms. She is both feminine and a feminist and through these stories you can see how even today she can be inspiring in the way she lived her life with strength, love, ambition, vulnerability, resilience & willpower. Her stories have to be heard to invoke the Devi within each and every one of us.