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Autism Awareness

I am a special needs mom and for me, my child is the most perfect kid there ever can be. And while I love him and accept him and enable him to be the best of what he can be, I can’t promise him a world that does the same. NOT THAT DIFFERENT for me is that movement that you will lead for making a better, more compassionate and inclusive world for my child. We all need to understand that neurodiversity is not a handicap, but just a reflection that people exist in different ways with differently wired brains. I can’t find or make a separate world for my son – I want this world to be accepting and loving of him, and to find ways to co-exist and thrive with him. For when he is understood and loved, he is Not That Different.

My purpose and calling is in the field of neurodiversity inclusion and under the banner of Not That Different we offer several workshops.

  1. Corporate Workshops on Disability Inclusion at Workplace.
  2. Corporate Workshops on Caregiver Inclusion at Workplace.
  3. Corporate Workshops on Neurodiversity Awareness and Inclusion.
  4. Everyday Inclusion in Classrooms for school teachers.
  5. Everyday Inclusion at Campus.
  6. Handling Neurodiversity at Public Spaces. (Malls, Airports, Public Arenas, Cinema Halls)
Why ‘Not That Different’

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